April 27th, 2024

1:00pm - 6:00pm
Keva Indoor Sports Center
601 N. 6th St, Madison, WI
Costs be $45 per person 72 hours before, or 50 at the door.

Teams can register for $450. Teams get their choice of shirt color, and a free bottle of Schnapps that will match their T-Shirts.
register now
All money raised will go to John McNicholas Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation

Event Details:
Co-ed recreational kickball tournament to support Pediatric Brain Tumor Research.
See below for the Rules! Special rules may be added or adapted by tournament administrators without prior warning.
Kids must be at least 14 to play, and have a parent or guardian present.
All ages can totally cheer for their favorite players
You can request to be on a team with your friends, or we’ll put you on a team of other cool individuals the day of the tourney.


1. Coed rules: Six Players, two have to be female. 7 players: 3 have to be female. 8 players: 3 females 9 or more: 4 females. Maximum 10 players per team.
5. You have to tag up after a ball is caught
9. No Stealing or leading off. You can leave base as soon as the ball is kicked.

2. Each player on a team has up to 2 chances at bat (or kicking) per inning.
6. One foul kick is allowed. The second foul kick is an out.
10. Mike has final say on all rules. He is allowed to call a re-do when needed! He might not even be paying attention...
3. The ball can be kicked anywhere in front of home plate and the line of cones. Men must kick past the line 1/2 way between 1st, the pitcher, and third base. Women may choose to bunt.
7. **** game will be a maximum of 3 innings long or 25 minutes. (or time can be changed as it fits into schedule) Games will be called at 25 minutes. If the game is ended in middle of inning – The score from the previous inning will be counted.

11. The team with the most runs at the end of the game will win.
4. An out is when a ball is caught in the air, a player is tagged by the ball, a player is hit by a ball thrown by the opposing team, after 2 foul kicks, or a player is forced on base.
8. There are 3 outs in an inning.

12. This is a fun, childrens sport, for Pediatric Brain Tumor Research. Don't be a meathead.

Sponsorship Details:

Interested in Sponsoring the Kickball Tournament?
Click here to download a Sponsor Form!
Questions: Call Michael Ring at 414-530-1511. or email at [email protected]
9007 S Leavitt Street.  |  Chicago Illinois 60643
e: [email protected]
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